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Delilah’s Snake Rings

One Thursday

evening coming back from working in the city, I made a stop about an hour outside the city in Connecticut to get something good to eat on the way home. Now, I never stop at this town, but I did this evening. I stumbled into a ambiance filled little place with an old style bar and eatery.  All was normal as I waited at the bar for the food I had ordered, when in came a chic lady (of a certain age- I didn’t ask, she didn’t tell) completely done: deep red, almost black nails, hair and when she slipped her coat over her shoulders I saw the rings!  She had a certain vibe and really her name said it all: Delilah. If I was to give her a name it would have been that one…… After watching her stir her martini for a bit I decided to ask about those rings.  Snakes on almost every finger. She said, “oh thank you, I got them in New York at the Trump towers… I had them made”. I was wondering the age of a few of them, since they had an older aesthetic- but she replied that she had them all made in the 70s-80s.

Plus they weren’t just snakes- there was the cobra, I think there was a viper and on. I have to admit I’d rock that cobra ring -ready to strike. Loved it and it was no light weight. We continued to chat and she let me snap some images. I told her I was in the vintage jewelry business and that she was quite in fashion.  When the food appeared, I said goodbye and left for the rest of my trip home. Now I wished I’d asked a bit more, interesting looking people often have interesting lives…… Enjoy this little accessories memoirs nugget:

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