.... was created in 2004  by Sara, who both designs jewelry and specializes in 18th-20th century high fashion, couture, and designer accessories from around the world. Sarara Jewelry is made by hand right outside of NYC, using skills like stone setting, hand soldering, and casting.  Sarara was named one of the best places to buy jewelry by Racked and an Etailer to watch via the Daily Front Row.  Her jewelry has been seen on Demi Lovato, Rihanna, Bella Hadid, in music videos, and in almost every fashion magazine: Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, W, Glamour, In Style, CR Fashion Book….



Sara has been collecting and designing jewelry from a young age. She began by wearing and hunting down 1920s jewelry from auctions and designing accessories as an adolescent. In grade schools she won the school art prize for innovative paper water color earrings she created. She grew up in the country of indigenous and non indigenous roots a few hours outside of Nashville TN. Her interest in cultures and her own diverse heritage, was fueled by her grandparents stories of indigenous roots. Truly the product of an American story which includes French, Saami, Native American, a dash of Brazilian indigenous roots, a touch of India, a tad of Sicily, German, Scandinavian, Great Britain, and a bit of North Africa and South Africa… all crossing paths early on in an “American” landscape. Due to this mix and non official identify, she began to understand herself better as a person of mixed heritage while living and studying in Brazil. This passion for cultures, art, and history led her to pursue an anthropology degree. After graduating from Notre Dame and the University of Chicago in social sciences, and a doctorate in visual anthropology at UNICAMP Brazil. She taught 5 years at Scad in Atlanta before moving to the northeast and pursuing a design career full time.  She both designs accessories for her brand and others, as well as interiors via BrandonandBoller.com


as Described by Sara:

"When I picked the shop name I knew it was unique, but it also has a history….just like our products. In Brazil it describes someone of mixed descent. Brazilians are great with nicknames and mine was Sarara. At once it is a reference to my name, Sara, yet also a nod to the concept of “criolo”. Brazilian music such as the song lyrics to Olhos Coloridos – “Sarara Criolo” by Sandra de Sa, addresses the meaning of the word Sarara. The exploration of the diverse roots of the Americas, is something that continues to inspire me. Sarara can really truly only be defined in the Brazilian Portuguese language, but it is akin to Creole. It represents “beleza” in diversity and the beauty of life for me. It is also a word that is found in the languages of other cultures. For the Namunyak people of Africa it refers to an area they call Sarara or singing wells…The word Sarara in Samburu is “meeting place” and refers to this watering hole “the singing wells”, because it is where the leopards, elephants, and people go to meet and get water. I strive to present jewelry collections, which have a highly curated relationship to fashion, all wrapped up into a brand that embraces history, glamour, and what I think is the strength behind the word Sarara. For me has become a sense of peace in loving who you are, it’s curating, and celebrating your own style, while respecting the past.

Couture is loosely defined from the French as “high sewing” or “high dressmaking”, the creation by French fashion houses who meet legal requirements in France. They create custom clothing and accessories by very skilled hand, in many cases made in one of a kind or extremely limited examples.  This standard is something we admire and strive for in our limited handmade examples. 

Interior Design Services

Sara is a designer of both products and spaces. 

 Her passion for jewelry, is only matched by her love of home design and renovation. Sara has been working several years as an interior designer for clients, friends, and businesses. Her work includes both residential and commercial properties.