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Each piece is designed by Sara, who customizes the jewelry by hand. She curates her  vintage collection, as well as designs accessories by commission for other brands. When finished she sends the samples to be manufactured in Rhode Island by an established American accessories maker. This is part of our commitment to supporting the Eastern jewelry making roots in this country. 

About Our Leather


For the costume jewelry we use quality materials and American made elements like Swarovski crystals. Sterling and gold plating is done over brass by our manufactures within the United States. Sterling and gold is recycled when possible when working with fine pieces.


Hours of work goes into the design process, as well as the production of each piece by hand. When plating is used, we rely on our Rhode Island sources. Vintage items are chosen for their quality, design, state of preservation, and rarity. They are sourced all over the world from private collections and estates. 

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